About Us

ASK Architecture Construction Industry &Trade Limited Company is a young and dynamic enterprise which is unique one in terms of synthesizing the sectoral experience and scientific knowledge of civil engineering. It serves in the residential-building sector. The first partner, who is a Civil Engineer, has experience in the sector from a younger age. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (Ege University Civil Engineering-2015) and his Master’s degree in Geotechnical field (Ege University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Science. Department of Geotechnics- 2019).

  • It is an initiative to construct residential buildings that imply a sense of secure, safe, comfort livable dwellings by blending the practices and principles of civil engineering with local geographical features in the light of scientific knowledge and by selecting appropriate constructional materials fitting to the building ground and its surrounding environment.
  • We are a company that shares the developmental story of the building construction with customers. The shared document consists of building design, plan and project, its implementation, the specifications of used materials and invisible attributes of the building construction.
  • Our company differentiates from its competitors by using its innovative, distinctive building construction knowledge and sectoral experience in constructing residential buildings merging functionality and simplicity with comfort. Moreover, the residential buildings have properties calling people to home, also making people feel safe, peaceful when they are at home.
  • The houses and buildings constructed by our company do not only meet the physical (the sheltering and safeguard) needs of the people, but also their emotional ones.
  • We are a company that cares about building and strengthening psychological connections between people and their home.
  • It is one of our company’s priorities to construct the residential buildings triggering thoughts and feelings related to stability, durability, warmth, confidence and calmness when someone sees and meets the dwellings.
  • We are a company that is honored to tell our customers who either contracted their residential construction or bought the house the following statement: We prefer to do business by telling the story of what kind of house, residential building to buy. Moreover, we document every stage of construction process (including the documentation of the unseen and visible materials used and workmanship) during the delivering title deed of the house.

VISION: In local, national and international scales, to be a preferred residential house construction company by warranting that every building would be featured with robust, functionality, simplicity in addition to taking into consideration human needs (such as physical, emotional and spiritual). To stay into the future as an innovative company that develops original, unique sectoral projects compatible with the socio-cultural values and local geographic and economic parameters.

MISSION: Based on the awareness that buildings and dwellings where people are born, grown, and lived form the infrastructure of civilization at the same time, to construct livable and featured with healthy, giving warm, positive feelings buildings and dwellings at optimum cost by keeping harmony with the building ground and surrounding environment. In this perspective, to leave a mark in the sector as a pioneering and innovative company in terms of blending principles and practices of civil engineering science with local geographical features in creative ways.

  • To construct dwellings and buildings that are functional and equipped with modern, technologically innovative properties. Moreover to construct such a beautiful house that our customers may say “this building, this house is different, it is calling itself by touching the emotions and human soul”.
  • To make a difference in person /family specific residential building contracting services in the sector by developing residential examples taking into consideration personality styles and preferences(shaped by the blending the temperament styles with the socio-cultural values of the family members) reflected in the interior space and home appliances usage.
  • To aim for being a sustainable company by growing by differentiation in residential construction services so that developing leading recreational field projects that considering activity areas convenient to different temperament and personality structures in multistorey housing project.
  • To aim for sustainable development and growth with strategic governance mindset that all stakeholders feel and experience winning.